Frequently Asked Questions

How Lifetime of Messages Works

Record your personalized video/audio message and upload it to the It’s that simple! You can update your recording at anytime. Just give your account information to the person that will be handling your last wishes. That person will download your message to show it to your family & friends at your funeral.

Here are just a few suggestions we have for you
  • Speak from your heart
  • Tell them you love them
  • Leave a message of hope and encouragement
  • Leave them with something wise
  • If you are a person that likes to have fun, be funny – tell a joke
  • If you have a big beautiful smile, leave them with a smile
  • Sing your favorite song
Your video should be recorded in a place with enough light to see you
  • A place nice and quite (Audio/Video)
  • A place with a nice background
  • If your balcony, porch, or park is quiet, do it there; just make sure the lighting is right
  • Any place where you feel comfortable
We do not use you data in anyway, except to deliver it to recipients. It is lawfully yours and can be deleted upon request at anytime.
You can sign-up by going here. After your name, email and a password--you are good to go.
You can contact support by email at hello [at]