Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about the Lifetime Of Messages platform!

A moment is a special message created by a members, to be shared with your friends, family and loved ones. 

We suggest all Lifetime Of Messages video moments be under 2 minutes in length. 

Your account executor is a family member, friend or loved one appointed to deliver your private moments and messages to loved ones in the event of your passing.

No. Your executor moments are private and will be delivered by our team. Your executor will not have access to saved moments.

Yes deleting a moment is simple. Members can delete executor moments by clicking “Edit” on their profile and deleting the saved content. Another option is visiting your “Moments Dashboard” and re-uploading new content in that numbered moment.  

Schedule moments are delivered by our team at 10am (EST.) on the chosen date. Members will receive a copy of the delivered message at the same time of delivery! 

All “Send Now” and “Scheduled” messages are unlimited. Executor moments are determined by membership tier. 

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