How It Works

Send or schedule moments

Easily upload and share your cherished memories with your family, friends, and loved ones through our platform. You have the option to send them instantly, schedule them for a later date, or have them delivered by your designated executor in the unfortunate event of your passing. Simply access the Moments panel on your profile by clicking “Create A Moment” to get started.


Take Photo or
Record Video

Capture a cherished memory by either recording a video or taking a photo that you can include in your special moment



Create your moment by simply uploading a photo or video, writing a personalized message, signing it, and sending it to your chosen recipient with just a few clicks.



Users have the flexibility to either send your messages immediately, schedule them for a specific date, or save them to be delivered by your executor in the event of your passing.


Send moment

Congratulations! Your special moment will be scheduled according to your preferences and sent to the recipient of your choosing as per your selection.

Executor Moments

Save private moments for your executor

Executor moments refer to memories that your designated executor shares with your loved ones after your passing.Users can store private moments in the executor dashboard, which not only appear on your profile page to keep track our your moments, but users also received copy of  moment that will be sent and delivered after passing. 


Visit executor dashboard

To manage and save moments for your executor, visit your Executor Dashboard located in the moments panel on your profile or in the sidebar. Your dashboard is your home for managing, editing and saving all your executor moment. 



Easily create a special moment by uploading your cherished photo or video, adding a personalized message, signing it, and then sending it off to your desired recipient, all in just a few simple clicks.



Congratulations you have successfully saved a moment for you executor to send in the case of your passing. Visit your profile to see your save moment and a copy of your moment will be emailed to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about the Lifetime Of Messages platform!

A moment is a special message created by a members, to be shared with your friends, family and loved ones. 

We suggest all Lifetime Of Messages video moments be under 2 minutes in length. 

Your account executor is a family member, friend or loved one appointed to deliver your private moments and messages to loved ones in the event of your passing.

No. Your executor moments are private and will be delivered by our team. Your executor will not have access to saved moments.

Yes deleting a moment is simple. Members can delete executor moments by clicking “Edit” on their profile and deleting the saved content. Another option is visiting your “Moments Dashboard” and re-uploading new content in that numbered moment.  

Schedule moments are delivered by our team at 10am (EST.) on the chosen date. Members will receive a copy of the delivered message at the same time of delivery! 

All “Send Now” and “Scheduled” messages are unlimited. Executor moments are determined by membership tier. 

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